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Note: For our insurance purposes all students, teachers and tutors in all courses must be financial members of the BDAS            

2020 Weekend Workshops

Beginners Introduction to Artmaking

with Tracey Miller


Sunday, 16 August 2020  -     Studio 1

Cost: $150

If you claim you can’t draw a straight line or a stick figure then this workshop is for you!  This workshop is for beginners - we’ll have a great day!

In this one-day workshop we will explore materials and techniques using graphite, willow charcoal, pastel, paint and collage. Learning about these materials and their

applications you will gain the knowledge and experience to confidently create your own art works.

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Solar Plate Etching & Viscosity Colour Printing Workshop

with Seraphina Martin


 12 & 13 September 2020  -  9am - 4pm  -   Studio 3

Cost:  $210 BDAS Members &  $240 non members  

Solar plate etching is a non toxic form of etching.

A photosensitive photopolymer plate is used to expose a design in the sun.  It is washed in water to reveal the image hardened by the UV rays. The plate is dried and printed on the etching press. The original design needs to be applied onto clear transparency film.

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Watercolour Magic

Sketching & painting in Watercolour

with Malcolm Carver


26 & 27 September 2020  -  9am - 4pm  -   Studio 1

Cost:  $200 BDAS Members &  $230 non members  

Watercolour magic intrigues us all, yet it is so easy to become so obsessed with detail, that you often labour too long in striving for perfection.

Capturing the essence, is often more exciting, nailing the magic spirit of a place with the least number of strokes, not more.


Simplifying detail in drawing and painting techniques helps learning to see light and shapes that will significantly improve your sketching and painting skills. Malcolm’s fresh and enlightened approach, is designed to ensure a more experimental direction in learning to see forms and shapes including an understanding of depth in perspective. The course also embraces photographic apps to assist in exploring and analysing images to simplify detail to an appropriate level.

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Above images by Malcolm Carver

Drawing & Painting from Nature

Using coloured pencils

With Peter Wale

17 & 18 October 2020  -   From 9am till 4pm  Studio 1

Cost:  $210 BDAS members and $230 Non-members

Experience the vibrancy and versatility of Coloured Pencils, whilst engaging with nature in this stimulating two day workshop with

artist and tutor, Peter Wale.

Arguably the biggest growing medium in the world today, coloured pencils, both dry and water soluble, offer a highly credible option

for artists; particularly those wishing to portray the beauty of nature in its various forms.

During this workshop both watercolour and regular, dry coloured pencil will be demonstrated, as will their use in combination.


To book:   Phone:  4861 4093 or email:

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©  above images by Peter Wale

Life Drawing Workshop

with Noel Thurgate


31 October - 01 November 2020  -     Studio 1

Cost: $260 BDAS members or $290 non members

(includes model fees for 2 days)

The ability to “read the pose” is a key factor in bringing “life” to your life drawings.

This two day workshop will explore the inner dynamics of the human form to discover the connection between ‘gesture’ and ‘structure’.

To book:   Phone:  4861 4093 or email:

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