For workshop hire enquiries & other information contact Fiona or Vivienne on 4861 4093

Note:   All students, teachers and tutors in all courses must be financial members of the BDAS            

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Contact tutors to find out more information and to book directly into their classes. 

Open Studios

Studios 3 will be open to the BDAS members on Thursdays during the holidays from 9am until 4pm

Thursday 29 September
Thursday 6 October

All BDAS members are welcome!


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This is a chance to join other BDAS members in the holidays and to paint and draw in the studios.
These sessions are non tutored and you can come for the whole day or a morning or afternoon session.

2022 Weekend Workshops
Please scroll down through all the information below:

Listed below are upcoming weekend workshops at the BDAS in 2023


Macro Floral Painting with Tracey Miller - 27 November

Still Life Painting Workshop with Gilda Wilson - 21 & 22 January

Chair Repair School with Fiona & Steve - 18 & 19 February

Be Brave with Kerry McInnis 25 & 26 February

Mellissa Read-Devine 18 & 19 March  - details tbc

Intermediate to Advanced Watercolour with Gillian Hook

-  25 & 26 March

Peter Wale  29 & 30 April  -  details tbc

Chair Repair School with Fiona & Steve - 29 & 30 April

Tonality Painting Workshop with Maryanne Wick  - 27 & 28 May


Listed below are completed weekend workshops at the BDAS in 2022

2 Day Upholstery Workshop with We Us and Stuff on

30 & 31 July Completed


Intermediate to advanced Watercolour with Gillian Hook –

6 & 7 August Completed

Acylics Bold and Bright with Mellissa Read Devine

13 & 14 August Completed

Making Sense of a Place with Tara Axford -  20 & 21 August Completed

Ink on Yupo with Tracey Miller - 27 August Completed

Macro Floral Painting with Tracey Miller - 28 August Completed

Collage Workshop with Tracey Miller -10 September Completed

Beginners Art Taster with Tracey Miller -11 September Completed


Life Drawing workshop with Noel Thurgate -  8 & 9 October Completed

Celebrating Spring with Peter Wale - 15 & 16 October Completed

Abstract Art Workshop with Sue Meredith 29 & 30 October Completed

Macro Flora Painting with Tracey Miller 27 November


©  above image by Noel Thurgate


Image by Mellissa Read Devine

©  above image by Tara Axford

Wayne Davis 'After the Fire'.jpg
Dingos Out There, mixed media onpaper, 45x60cm copy.jpg
IMG_3362 copy.jpg

©  above image by Wayne Davis

©  above image by Kerry McInnis

©  above image from Tracey Miller's Macro workshop

©  above image by Maryanne Wick

Macro Flora
Painting Workshop
with Tracey Miller

27 November

10 am - 4pm

Studio 1 BDAS

Cost $150 - you provide all your own materials

         $250 all materials are provided

Create your own, beautiful, large-scale flora painting. Tracey has many years of art experience and will guide beginner and intermediate artists through the steps to create their own artwork.


When researching a reference image, you might consider all types of flora including seaweeds, fungi, seed pods like banksia, palms, fruits, flowers, etc

Everyone bring your reference image, cloth to cover the table, an apron, lunch and coffee mug.

Materials:     Please wear old clothes and an apron.

We will follow safe Covid 19 guidelines. You will need to be double vaccinated and show proof of this before entering the studio.

Morning and afternoon tea are provided.


Reference:   Bring an image of flora that you would like to paint.

Print one a 1/3 and another a ½ of an A4 page size on regular copy paper. The easiest way to do this is to copy and paste the image onto a word document and adjust the size accordingly.

You are welcome to email me a copy of your selected flora and I’ll advise you if it’s going to easily translate into a painting.

To make a booking, please contact Tracey directly

0481 480 829


Still Life Painting Workshop

with Gilda Wilson

21 & 22 January 2023

Cost:   $210 BDAS Members     $240: non-members  

This course is designed for participants with either drawing or painting experience and with in particular, an understanding of tone.

In this very small class, learn to paint a still life using a limited palette and understated composition. 

The weekend will start with a drawing working out tone and composition.  We will talk about colours, their relationship and how to obtain luminous colours.  Examples of other still life artist will be discussed; we will look at their techniques and composition style.


For more information and booking contact Gilda directly at or on 0403 813 873.

A list of materials will be sent at the time of booking.

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Screen Shot 2022-11-24 at 1.08.46 pm.png

©  above images by Gilda Wilson

Chair Repair School

2 day chair upholstery course

with Fiona Edmeades & Steve Thomas


18 & 19 February 2023

Cost:   $560

Chair Repair School is run by a collaboration between two makers who call themselves We Us and Stuff.
 The pair: Fiona Edmeades artist and upholsterer (Reign of Chairs) and Steve Thomas woodworker (Creek Furniture), share an affinity for rejuvenation of old wares, the use of reclaimed materials and the process of the handmade. 

This course offers a wonderful introduction to the practical and traditional craft of upholstery. Experience the delight and satisfaction that creating something by hand brings to your life. 

Learn new skills and have some fun during this two-day, bring-your-own-chair upholstery workshop. You will be taught the techniques required to restore a chair of your own during the course and acquire the confidence to tackle new projects on your own.

There will be the opportunity to fix wobbles and other minor repairs on chair frames as well as tuition and guidance on various timber finishes. 

Tuition is tailored to each individual project, however, demonstrations will be offered to the group for every technique covered during class: in this way, you will be introduced to a broader set of skills, above and beyond the techniques needed to complete your own project.

Steve and Fiona love to share their skills and they delight in helping others to learn new skills and seeing them experience the joy that can be had from making something by hand.


For more information and booking contact Fiona

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Be Brave

Mixed Media Workshop

with Kerry McInnis


25 & 26 February 2023

All details and info to be advised soon

Watercolour Workshop

with Gillian Hook 

For intermediate & advanced students


25 & 26 March  2023

Cost:   $220 BDAS Members     $260: non-members  

Watercolour painting has always been a special medium for Gillian – the beautiful work of Andrew Wyeth, John Singer Sargent and David Taylor providing a constant source of inspiration.


She enjoys sharing the magic of this medium with others, ensuring students can work at their own particular level - rediscover the excitement of the ”flow” & create fresh and vibrant work.


In this workshop students can explore some new innovative techniques using mixed media with watercolour, and fully explore the dynamic effects of light and darks to make paintings “sing”.


Gillian has been exhibiting and teaching for 45 years and holds a B.A.VA. Dip Ed.


Contact the office to book into Gillian’s workshop.


Book: 4861 4093 or

©  images by Gillian Hook



Painting Workshop

with Maryanne Wick

Oil and acrylic painting workshop


27 & 28 May 2023      9:30am till 4:30pm

Cost:   $220 BDAS Members     $260: non-members  

From Rembrandt to Whistler, Meldrum to Beckett, Rees to Wakelin, artists throughout the years have brought a sense of mood and atmosphere into their compositions through their exploration of tonal colour.

With an emphasis on observation and the still life subject, this workshop invites oil and acrylic painters of all levels, to explore the beauty and subtlety of working in tonal colour.

Be prepared to enjoy two full and focused days of practising tonal painting. This workshop includes group exercises, discussions on art and artists, tuition and personal feedback. This is also a good opportunity for those wanting to try painting with oil!

Contact the BDAS administration office for more information and receive the required Materials List when you book.


Contact the office to book into Maryanne's workshop.


Book: 4861 4093 or

Maryanne Wick, 'Still LIfe in Blue', 2016, oil on wood, 33 x 40.5 cm copy.jpg

©  images by Maryanne Wick

Maryanne Wick, 'The Unused Iron, 2021, oil on wood, 25.5 x 20.5 cm copy.jpg