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In order to ensure a smooth and successful exhibition, we kindly request your attention to the following guidelines. Your cooperation is highly appreciated, and we look forward to creating a memorable display of your exceptional talent.


Please be aware that works which do not comply with all entry requirements may be rejected.


Two labels are required:

  1. Attach one to the back of the artwork, indicating Artist Name, Title, Medium, and Price.

  2. Hang the second label by string just below the lower edge of the artwork. Ensure it remains easily readable when all works are displayed for final numbering and cataloguing. Once the details are recorded, this label will be removed.


In case of discrepancies between the label and the Entry Form, the label information prevails. Please ensure clarity in all details, making corrections on the ARTIST LIST during the artwork delivery.


It is crucial that the label hangs just below the base of the work.


D Rings

Our gallery hanging system is designed for D Rings; no other form of attachment is suitable. Use the "D"-shaped ring for easy attachment to the gallery hooks, avoiding the smaller triangle-shaped ring. Ensure D-rings are free of cords and wires. If needed, have a second set of D-rings attached to the work.

Size Limits

Carefully review the entry form for exhibition-specific size and weight limits.


Delivery and Collection

For courier or postal deliveries, enclose a copy of your entry form. Include appropriate return postage if your work is to be returned by post. Ensure timely collection of your work, as our storage is limited. Notify us well in advance if you are unable to collect.

Bowral Art Gallery interior
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