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During Exhibitions the gallery is open daily from 10 - 4pm

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Now Showing

Summer Members Exhibition

21 January - 5 February

People's Choice TB

This is a diverse, eclectic and vibrant exhibition which showcases the talents of the members of the BDAS or Bowral & District Art Society.


There are a large number of artworks in a variety of styles and mediums.


We have many talented artists on show which reflect the variety of classes offered and showcase the talent of it's members and tutors.


Come along and admire, get inspired or even acquire a beautiful artwork.


Every visitor to the exhibition is invited to vote in the People's Choice Award.


Bowral Art Gallery is so much more than a gallery. It is unique in that it is also a teaching facility. We have 3 large studios which host several classes, social events and kids programs to its 500 plus local members. Our talented tutors offer several courses a year. The gallery receives up to 12,000 visitors a year and has been in existence for 72yrs.


Want to tap into your creative brain, make new friendships and belong to a welcoming and inclusive community...give us a call and become a member today.

Balmain Boatshed by Lawrie Walton


What of Tomorrow? by Wendi Toohey

Pears in a Portugese Pot by Helen Cameron

Rover Glow by Marc Poisson


Spring by Kim Shannon

Coming soon

Dogs of War

An exhibition by Stan Korytnyj
9- 13 February
Opening 10 February at 6pm

I began this series of paintings and drawings after the Kremlin started its so-called ‘Military Operation.’

My parents spent their earlier years in Ukraine; 1900 ‘til about 1939.

During the Hitler years they were relocated to  Germany where I was born in 1946.

In 1949 we migrated to Australia and during my entire childhood I heard endless horror stories about Ukraine and Russia.

My parents are long gone now but their narrative still haunts me.

On the 24th of Feb when Vladimir Putin sent his military forces into Ukraine I had no choice but to devote the next 10 months to producing paintings and drawings in response to the war.

I’m glad my parents aren’t here to witness the tragedy in Ukraine. They would have been devastated.


I’ve chosen the title of  ‘Dogs of War’ for the exhibition from the play  ‘Julius Caesar.’


And Caesar’s spirit, raging for revenge,

With Ate by his side come hot from hell,

Shall in these confines with a monarch’s voice

Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war,

That this foul deed shall smell above the earth

With carrion men, groaning for burial.

                             …….William Shakespeare


                                                  Stan Korytnyj 2022

Dogs of War .jpg

Dogs of War

Ghost of Kyiv.jpg

Ghost of Kyiv

No More Music .jpg

No More Music

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Visions of the Mind

An exhibition of sculpture, painting & books by Dr Tony Emmett, Phil Goodwin & Allan Flanigan 

Art sales available on line

Sold No.8 Tongue of flame

Sold No.68 Amenhotep

Click on the below links to view the artworks in Visions of the Mind:

Please note that No. 8 Tongue of Flame and No. 68 Amenhotep have both been sold

Click here for section 1....

Click here for section 2 ...

Click here for section 3 ...

Click here for section 4 ...

Click here for section 5 ...

Click her for section 6...

Click her for section 7...

Click here for section 8...

 Click here for Books....

Click here for AF Sculptures....

 © Above  works by Tony Emmett


Go to our Workshops Page at to view upcoming weekend workshops for 2021.  Scroll down to find information about individual weekend workshops coming up from both our BDAS Tutors and visiting Tutors.

Contact the office to book in to these workshops

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Tim & Patricia Copes

Dr Tony Emmett

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