During Exhibitions the gallery is open daily from 10 - 4pm

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Now Showing

Copes Family Portrait Prize

17 September - 3 October

Opening Saturday 17 September at 4pm

Kindly sponsored by Tim and Patricia Copes

Judge Evan Shipard

Winner Justin Pearson

2nd Prize Kerry McInnis

Highly Commended Ben Ryan

Highly commended Patrice Wills

Highly Commended Paul Gorjan

People's Choice $200 TBA

This is a wonderful exhibition showcasing the talents of local and interstate artists as each artist aims to capture the characteristics and features of a sitter know to them. 

Come along to the exhibition and see if you concur with the judge's choice for first and second prize.


Be sure to cast your vote in the People's Choice Award.


Justin Pearson Winner with "Wendy R Jones"

his sitter and Justin's twin daughters


2nd prize Kerry McInnis "Chester (Chester Nealie)"

ben ryan.jpg

Ben Ryan Highly Commended

"An Aerial Artist at Rest"

Paul Gorjan Highly Commended

"Self Portrait Lying Down"

Patrice Wills Highly Commended

"Self Portrait being welcomed to Country"

Coming soon

Awash with Colour

Tuesday morning watercolour group

6 - 11 October

Opening 8 October at 2pm

Watercolour can sometimes be the forgotten or ‘feared’ medium and that is so unfair … as watercolour has a magic and mystery that no other medium can match.


The translucency that comes with washes and the ‘happy accidents’ that can occur are addictive and keep us going.


We are a group that really feels more like a family and we come together on a Tuesday morning at the BDAS to chat, laugh and create under the guidance and tutorage of Kim Shannon and Wayne Davis. We don’t know how they put up with us sometimes … but it is a wonderful environment 


Please come do visit the exhibition and enjoy the journey with us.


Everyone is welcome!

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spring still life.jpg
yellow roses.jpeg

Yellow Roses by Chris Vossen

rock wall Fiona Fudge.jpeg

Rock wall Fiona Fudge

Lou Watts Poppies.jpeg

Poppies by Lou Watts

Another Chipped Vase Fiona Fudge

Spring Still Life by Chris Vossen

Coming Soon

The Subtle Mother

Artworks by Phillip Frankcombe

12 - 18 October

Opening 15 October at 1pm

Artist statement

An intimate title, which could bring a nearness,

a domestic, quiet but strong character who loves.


The intention here is to go wider into the creative feminine force, Mother Earth Herself.

This energy has historically been appreciated and worshipped through the Goddess; Shakti, Athens, Mother Mary/Madonna, Isis, Quan Yin, Holy Ghost and the Kundalini to name a few.


Most of these paintings are related to that aspect of God the Mother; the energy that is creativity itself, silent, but the power, The Subtle Mother.


My understanding of this comes from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who started Sahaja Yoga Meditation in 1970;

giving a way for humans to reveal within themselves this knowledge in a silent way.


The aim in these works is to mix different religions and cultural symbols to invoke a link with this inner but universal quality.  Using canvas, canvas boards, MDF, acrylic paints are the start, finishing in oils for strength of colour and detail.

Handmade stencils are mixed in with nature.

Varnish gives a gloss and a protective coating.

_Nahda_ ( The Awakening) 2021, .5 x .75, Acr_Oil_Can,$350.jpeg
_Flower Shower_ 2021, .5 x .6, Acr_Oil_Can, $300..jpeg
_Coming Together_ 2021, .6 x .6, Acr_Oil_Can, $300..jpeg

Coming Together

Flower Shower

Nahda ( The Awakening)

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Visions of the Mind

An exhibition of sculpture, painting & books by Dr Tony Emmett, Phil Goodwin & Allan Flanigan 

Art sales available on line

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 © Above  works by Tony Emmett