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We are always looking for ideas to streamline the way we manage exhibitions, and suggestions are welcome and will be duly considered by the exhibitions team of volunteers.                                                               

Currently, payments can be made by bank transfer, by cheque, in cash or by credit card.  With cash or credit card payments, most entries need to be handled in the office, requiring attention by a staff member to take money, give change and write receipts.  Even with extra help,  the office on some days is crowded and busy, keeping our administrators away from their many other duties.


If you wish to deliver your entry form and payment to the office, please place the form and fee inside a sealed envelope and deposit it into the box outside the office.  These will then be attended to  by the exhibitions team,  and not our busy office administrators.  Please have the correct amount for cash, as we will not be able to give change.  Receipts will be available when you deliver your works, attached to your entry form.


If you pay by bank transfer ensure that you include your NAME so we can identify the payment.

2021 Bowral Sculpture Prize

Sponsored by Dr Tony Emmett

Judge:  Feyona van Stom

First Prize:  $2,000   Second Prize:  $500

BDAS invites entries from artists in any 3D medium, -  artists can submit

up to two works, the works may be intended for either indoor or outdoor

display and must be the original work of the artist and not previously

displayed with this Society.  All works must be for sale.

27 February - 7 March, daily from 10am to 4pm

Saturday, 27 February at 4pm

To be received by the BDAS office, 1 Short St, Bowral by 4pm on

Wednesday, 10 February, 2021
Bowral Art Gallery, 1 Short St, Bowral on Wednesday, 24 February between 10am & 1pm  

Late entries will not be accepted
Sunday, 7 March between 4:15pm & 5:15pm

Entry forms may be downloaded here...

2020 Winner Laila Bell 'Cradle'

BDAS Prize Exhibitions


NOTE:  New email address for all exhibition enquiries is  exhibitions@bdasgallery.com


There is an exciting year of Members & Prize Exhibitions ahead, and there are some changes to the "Conditions of  Entry".  


Please read ALL entry forms carefully as there can be different Conditions of Entry for each exhibition.


  1. Note the new Email address : exhibitions@bdasgallery.com and use this for all correspondence relating to exhibitions, entry forms, changes to entries etc.  

  2. Note new information (below) regarding Copyright.

  3. Note:  It will be a requirement for all prize exhibitions, with the exception of the Portrait prize,  that all works must be for sale.  Commission is 30%

  4. Open Members Exhibitions will allow for works to display NFS (Not for Sale).

  5. Entry fees have been increased for 2019.  Fee per work is $25 for Members and $35 for non-members of the BDAS.

  6. Cash payments with entry forms need to be the correct amount, and placed in an envelope in the locked box outside the office.  Receipts are attached to the entry form and will be available for collection if required.



  • The artist entering a work in a BDAS exhibition must warrant that they are the original author of the work.  Furthermore, the work does not, to the best of the artist's knowledge, infringe the copyright or moral rights of any third party.

  • The copyright remains the property of the entrant.  

  • Artists selected to be exhibited grant to the BDAS a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free copyright licence to reproduce images of their work for the non-commercial purposes of the promotion of the BDAS,  of future BDAS exhibitions and art prizes and for the BDAS on-line catalogue and social media platforms.

  • No alterations will be made to the image without the artist's consent.

  • The Artist will receive credit and be identified as the owner of the work.



BDAS will exercise every care with works submitted, but will not be responsible for the loss of, damage to, or breakage or damage caused by of any exhibits in its’ custody or for the insurance of exhibits either in transit or on exhibition. Exhibitors may wish to arrange their own insurance.

Definitions for each exhibition

Art is an interpretive medium, but some guidelines are helpful when determining the work for exhibition. The BDAS Committee have defined each prize format as follows:



A traditional definition of Landscape is a work of art depicting views of natural scenery; including seascapes and even cityscapes: views of an urban setting.  Contemporary exhibitions often have a very broad view of what constitutes a landscape painting.


The criteria for BDAS Landscape Prize Exhibitions is :

" Works which are  the personal interpretation of the artist  predominantly of the natural world but inclusive of the built environment.  Works may be figurative or abstract".


The work must be an original signed drawing or painting or print making medium excluding photography, not previously shown with this society, and completed in the past 12 months.


STILL LIFE PRIZE  "Anything that does not move or is dead" (Tate Gallery)


The criteria for BDAS Still Life Prize Exhibitions is :

a work of art depicting inanimate objects  which may be natural or man-made.


The work must be an original signed drawing or painting including mixed media, or 3D work,  or of a print making medium excluding photography prints, not previously shown with this society, and completed in the past 12 months.  Reproductions of work will not be accepted.



The criteria for the BDAS Portrait Prize is:   

"The work must be an original signed drawing or painting or of a print making medium excluding photography, of a person known to the artist who has consented to be the subject;  not previously shown with this society, and completed in the past 12 months.



The criteria for the BDAS Drawing Prize is:   

"The work must be an original signed drawing;  of any medium on paper or canvas; not previously shown with this society, and completed in the past 12 months.  Reproductions of work will not be accepted.

BDAS Judging Policy

l:    Members exhibitions are OPEN class, and all works are hung. From time to time a second exhibition may be mounted during the year when gallery space is available as per the 2015 Pop-Up Show, to give Society members further opportunities during the year to exhibit their work.


ll:    Prize exhibitions attract a high standard of work from local artists, and from many other districts. It is incumbent upon our society to mount a professional exhibition of the highest standard at all times. This requires a critical selection of works to be hung, according to both the space available and the quality of work to be exhibited.


lll:    The policy with `Young Artists’ and `Kids on Show’ is to hang all works when possible.




l:    BDAS policy is to invite one judge for each prize exhibition.


ll:    Judges are selected with a view to their credentials within the art world.


lll:    The name of the judge is usually nominated on the entry form.


lV:    The judge is required to view all entries and select those works which are suitable for hanging. The first selection criteria are the quality and integrity of the works entered. The second selection criteria are, if necessary, to restrict the number of works hung so as to mount an exhibition that best fits the space available and which allows for each work to be viewed to its best advantage.


llV:    Should a judge be reluctant to perform the task of selecting works to be hung, then a curatorial panel will be convened, made up of the curator and two current committee members or past presidents of BDAS. The panel must exclude exhibitors.


V:    The Society will encourage the judge to attend the Opening and provide feedback to the exhibitors.


Vl:    Any work, which does not fulfill the entry requirements, will not be accepted.

Bowral & District Art Society Inc.