Newsletter                  March 16 2020

Exhibiting Now


Marika Schmidhofer

12 - 17 March

BDAS, 1 Short Street Bowral

10am - 4pm daily

Closing Tuesday afternoon at 4pm

Not to be missed

"Impressions" a solo exhibition by Marika Schmidhofer is inspired by the natural beauty of the Southern Highlands and a stimulating arts community. Marika has lived in the Highlands for over 30 years and in that time has had three solo exhibitions and participated in over 200 group shows.

The show will feature recent paintings that include figurative work, scenes from every day, still life, and landscape.

Girl on red couch

Orange bouquet with basket


You are personally invited to opening cocktails Friday 20 March 5.30 -7.30pm


Opened by Scott Pollock

Rock up, frock up for a fun evening of laughter, champagne and good company. 


Open daily 10am -4pm

19 - 31 March

BDAS, 1 Short Street Bowral

Savanna’s Wearable Treasures jewellery is extra ordinary. Born in Prague, childhood in Africa, educated in London, Savanna has been on the road all her life. During the decades that she worked as a photojournalist, under her real name Susan Storm, she collected beads, silver and artefacts dating from Roman times to the 19th century.  Now she reassembles these ancient, different, unusual, collectible, and beautiful bits and pieces into her Wearable Treasures collection. She renamed herself Savanna in the Moroccan desert, and Caravan because the Silk route is her favourite place.  Every piece is unique, every piece tells a story.  When you acquire a Savanna Caravan design you’ll become another custodian of a rapidly disappearing culture and history.”


 © "Composition with Green Square"

      by Jonny Vaupel

Back in the Twenties

Jonny Vaupel - Paintings 

Philip Walker - Sculpture

April 4- 6

BDAS 1 Short Street Bowral

Open daily 10am - 4pm

Opening Friday 3 April; at 6pm


An exhibition of our work in the early 2020s looking back to the momentous period of the 1920s in Modern Art 

Much of what we understand about colour comes from the Bauhaus colour theories taught by prominent artists such as Johannes Itten, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, and Josef Albers. They tell us how colours form ‘chords’ and how they communicate with each other in their own language. 

In a similar way, Jonny’s work does not intend to capture the world in the manner of a photo camera lens but looks instead to unfold beauty and emotions in the universe of colour. 

Philip’s response to the theme is twofold. 

He reflects on Cubism as it was carried on into the 1920s. Henri Laurens and Jacques Lipchitz both had met or worked with Picasso and other Cubists. 

Common subjects were musicians and their instruments. Lipchitz’ and Laurens’ works were less abstract than those of earlier cubists. The sculptures Lipchitz referred to as his "transparents” included a good deal of negative space. 

Philip also responds, by use of 3D block forms, to the shapes and colours of the Bauhaus, in particular those of Paul Klee’s paintings. 

This exhibition and art sale is a fundraiser for the RFS

Artists are donating works for sale as an expression of their regard for the RFS whose members worked tirelessly to keep our community safe.

Please come and show your appreciation while gaining some excellent art work at more than reasonable prices.

Because We Can!

17 - 20 April

The exhibition will be open from Friday 17 to Monday 20 April from 10 am to 4 pm, and also on Friday and Saturday evenings from 5 pm to 7.30 pm when all the artists will be present.”


Enrichment Workshop

with Libby Wakefield

7 April 2020  -  Cost $65

Click here for more information

Beginners art workshop for adults

with Tracey Miller

26 April 2020  -  Cost $150

Watercolour Workshop

​with Malcolm Carver

16 & 17 May 2020  -   Cost $200 for BDAS members  -  $230 for non members

Click here for more information

Beginners ink on yupo workshop for adults.

with Tracey Miller


When:       10.00 am until 4.00 pm. Sunday 26 April, 2020

Where:    Studio 1, BDAS, 1 Short St., Bowral.

Cost:        $140. All materials are supplied.


In this art workshop we'll use the vibrant colours of alcohol ink to create unique textural effects which often lead to unexpected and beautiful results.  All materials are supplied. Come along to experiment and enjoy.

Tracey will guide beginner and intermediate artists through an exploration of ink on yupo.


For more information visit

See more information at

Have fun, explore, experiment and you’ll take home your own artistic treasures.

Mixed Media Portrait Workshop

withTracey Miller

When:           10.00 am – 4.00 pm Sunday 29 March

Where:          Studio 3, BDAS, 1 Short St., Bowral.

Cost:              $140 includes most material.



February 28 2020

The following members were elected to the committee


President: Anne Carney,  Vice President: Tracey MillerVice President: Marika Schmidhofer

Secretary: Helen JohnstonTreasurer: Margie Beaumont

Committee members: Patti Jones, Patricia Miller, Carol Scott, John Brain, Leanne Haddadi, Tony Deigan


Go to our Workshops Page at to view upcoming weekend workshops for 2020


Tim & Patricia Copes

Dr Tony Emmett

Southern Highlands